Early Intervention

Nurture Support,LLC is proud to partner with Achieva as a provider of Early Intervention Services.

Early intervention is a service that is available to families in PA that have a child ages birth-three years old at no cost to you and provided in your child’s home or daycare.

If you have concerns your infant/toddler is not learning the next step in their development, give us a call and we will help you schedule an evaluation. If your child demonstrates a delay or disability in the areas of physical movement (reaching, rolling, crawling walking), cognition (thinking, learning, following directions), communication (using their voice, talking listening), feeding and swallowing, self-feeding, sensory
defensiveness, and dressing, they may qualify for Early Intervention Services. If your child is found to have a delay in any of these areas and qualifies for early intervention choose Nurture Support, LLC partnered with Achieva to provide excellent therapy provided by experienced therapists.

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