Feeding & Swallowing Therapy

Feeding should come naturally for babies and children but sometimes this doesn’t happen due to difficulty with sucking, coordinating breathing with eating, swallowing, oral hypersensitivity, gagging, coughing, food transition and other reasons we can help you identify.

As a result of these feeding problems your child could be at risk for low weight/growth development, poor nutrition, respiratory illness, aspiration, and restricted food repertoire. We work closely with parents, pediatricians, gastroenterologists, other specialized doctors, dietitians and develop a plan specific to your child.

  • Newborn feeding difficulties
  • Delayed/disorganized oral motor skills
  • Difficulty with food transitions such as bottle feeding, nursing/bottle feeding to purees, purees to table foods.
  • Problem feeders: less than 20 foods in their diet, gags or vomits at sight, smell or taste of food
  • Extremely upset when new foods presented
  • Refuses certain food types/textures
  • Tube feeding/alternative means of nutrition