Parent Education

Developmental steps that should be learned naturally sometime do not come easily and the child may need help to develop the desired skill. We know how hard it can be to see a child struggle to learn skills that should easily come to them. Our therapists are trained with techniques to help your child learn the skills they need. The therapists at Nurture Support are caring and nurturing. We will help your child move forward with the needed steps to achieve their goals.

Our therapists see the importance of working as a team. We will help parents and caregivers learn techniques to help their child. We will also work with your child’s doctors and specialists to determine an appropriate plan and goals. We see the importance of working with other professionals and caregivers to help learned skills carry over into other areas of the child’s life.

We are happy to talk with you to learn how we can help your child. Please call or email Nurture Support today. Remember, when natural skills are difficult, we help NURTURE them!