Physical Therapy

It is important for children of all ages to be able to participate in functional activities in the home, school, and community environments with both family and peers.

Children with physical therapy needs often have difficulty with balance, coordination, strength, and movement. PT treatments help to improve a wide range of gross motor skills like rolling, crawling, sitting, walking, running, jumping, and play/recreation/sport skills. No matter what the age of the child, the ability to move safely and efficiently has a huge impact on their overall wellness and the ability to socialize and learn.

We work closely with the family, teachers, pediatricians, specialists and develop a plan and goals to help your child be successful in all environments.

  • Mobility
  • Gross Motor Play
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Strength and Endurance
  • Fitness Life Skills
  • Posture

We also offer pediatric massage therapy. NURTURE Pediatric Massage is a home based private practice focusing on providing positive, nurturing therapeutic massage therapy. Pediatric massage therapy can help children find relaxation, comfort, decrease hypersensitivity, reduce anxiety, and many other benefits.

Pediatric massage therapy may help

Improve parent child interactions
Improve focus and attention
Decrease stress and anxiety
Reduce pain
Improve gastrointestinal function
Improve circulation
Improve respiratory function
Decrease aversion to touch
Improve sleep

Who can benefit from massage therapy for kids?

Any child : birth-18 years
Premature infants
Full term infants
Children involved in sports

Children with a diagnosis of but not limited to:

Cerebral palsy
Cystic Fibrosis
Hypersensitivity to touch

**All children can benefit from nurturing therapeutic massage therapy.