Feeding Testimonials

When one of our twin baby girls started having feeding difficulties, we were devastated. Feeding problems not only affect the child, but the entire family. Magdalena began refusing her bottles, and her weight gain slowed down at around three months of age. After every test came back normal, she ended up with a reflux and failure to thrive diagnosis and an  tube. She stopped all oral feeds right after the tube went in. At about 6 months of age, the doctors placed an tube directly into her stomach, hoping that bypassing her mouth and nose, she will be more willing to eat. However, as the weeks went by, we found ourselves on a constant cycle of food refusal, vomiting, and tube feedings. We knew we needed help from a professional.

From the moment Renee started to work with Magdalena, we noticed an improvement on her attitude towards oral feeds. Renee was not only knowledgeable and experienced with these situations, but she was also loving and caring. She listened to our concerns, and after learning about Magdalena’s history, she came up with a plan tailored specifically for her. Our daughter went from gagging as soon as a spoon would touch her tongue, to willingly opening her mouth to accept food! And after a few months of twice a week sessions, I am happy to say Magdalena is 100% orally fed, tube free, and her vomiting has completely stopped! We will always be grateful for your help, Renee.

Thank you,


Squirrel Hill

I have known Renee for more than one and a half years as the speech therapist for my sons. She is an experienced and knowledgeable professional whom I would strongly recommend. My twin boys were born very prematurely and had various feeding challenges. Oral aversions coupled with reflux made every meal a challenge. Renee from the very first day connected with my boys wonderfully. She understood the magnitude of the problem and came up with various strategies to decrease oral sensitivities. She used numerous techniques, texture plays, fun equipments and tools which my boys loved, and gradually their aversions started to decrease. They started trying solids and began to eat a variety of foods. As they grew, we came across another challenge. We realized that my boys had speech issues. It is such a blessing that we had Renee with us, who is an excellent speech therapist and started working to help them right away. My boys today talk like any other 3 year old would. When I look back at the difficult journey my boys had, I feel so blessed to see how far they have come and I cannot thank Renee enough for her help and support. She is not only is a great therapist, but is an absolute gem of a person. She has always been professional, kind, understanding and is very flexible to work with. Now my boys are doing so well that they do not need any therapy. However, I know how difficult it is for a parent to see their child struggle with feeding and speech issues. From my experience, I can share that having a good therapist can make a world of difference. So, if you find out that your child has speech or feeding issues, try to stay positive and get the right therapy as soon as possible. Renee is a great therapist whom you can consult and work with. My kids love her. If anyone would like to know more about my experience, I will be happy to talk to you.

Thank you,


Washington PA

Our family has had the pleasure of working with Renee for over a year and a half now. She is a miracle worker! We had worked with three other feeding therapists before discovering Renee, none of whom had been able to make any progress with our daughter. By the time we found Renee, our daughter was in crisis mode, refusing to eat for entire days. Meals were a stressful event for all of us, and we were desperate for help.

From the very first session with Renee, we could tell that things were going to be different this time. She did not stick chewy tubes in our daughter’s mouth or try to bribe her into eating food in exchange for a reward. Instead, she played with her – swinging her on a ceiling swing; bouncing her on a yoga ball; jumping with her on a trampoline. No one had ever tried this approach with our daughter before, but it worked! Slowly, but surely, as a result of this intense sensory input – and the bond that this playful engagement created between Renee and our daughter – our daughter began to eat.

As a result of Renee’s unique approach to feeding therapy, our daughter has transformed from a girl who avoided food to one who eats non-stop. Renee is patient, kind – and fun! Our daughter is so excited to work with her that she runs to the door with a huge smile on her face as soon as she hears Renee’s voice. Renee has been a godsend for our family, and we cannot thank her enough for everything that she has done for our daughter.

Anonymous Mother,


Renee Gwin was my daughter, Zoe’s, feeding therapist. Zoe was 2 and ate nothing but baby food when we began therapy. It was the knowledge of her craft and dedication to my daughter that Zoe needed to overcome her adversity to food. I was in awe of Renee and her ability to connect with Zoe and allow her to feel at ease during our sessions.

We had weekly therapy with Renee. I truly believe that without her, Zoe never would have achieved the milestones that she did which eventually led to her eating turkey for the first time this Thanksgiving. I would recommend Renee Gwin to anyone whose child is in need of feeding or speech therapy. She is thoughtful, caring, patient person completely dedicated to those in her care.



Speech/Language Testimonials

Thank you so much for all you’ve done to help my son. I can’t believe he’s come so far! Thank you for also supporting me when I had doubts and concerns. We are so happy that we get to continue working with you! Thanks again.


Shady Side

Renee, I used to worry about my son a lot. I worried that he would get picked on and have trouble making friends since he couldn’t communicate clearly, if at all. Now though, I no longer worry about those things. I feel he has come very far and I owe the thanks of his progress to you. When you first started seeing him a year ago, he barely spoke at all. But now with all of your help and guidance, he is doing wonderful. Thank you so much for all you have done. I am sad to see you go but he is doing great. I am forever grateful for all your help.


Fox Chapel

Renee, When I became pregnant with Colin it was the start of a journey, as I know you understand being a mom yourself. And although this journey didn’t go quite the way we “planned” it would it has been a journey filled with hope, love, and many beautiful blessings. Your are one of those blessings in our lives and we thank you so very much for the patience, caring, kindness, and love that you have always shown to our son. You are a super therapist and have become a friend along the way for which I also thank you. You have many special gifts and we thank you for everything you have done for him and us.



Dear Renee, Words cannot express how grateful we are for all you’ve done for our daughter. She adores you and we do too. Thank you for giving me the confidence for letting her feed herself. She does listen to your feeding phrases. Thank you for your friendship and listening to all my “meltdowns”. You are a beautiful person and mother. May God bless you and your family always! You have helped her tremendously in her early years and have helped her progress to preschool. We love you!


South Hills

Thank you for everything you have done for Allison. There are no words to express how grateful we are for your time, support, encouragement and friendship.



Recommendation for Renee Gwin

Dear Parent of a Difficult Eater:

I was immediately impressed with Renee Gwin’s positive attitude, communication skills and professional demeanor when I hired her to help with my son’s picky eating. Renee was recommended to me by a close friend who said her son was “putty in her hands”. My son responded to Renee in much the same way. After three or four sessions, my son began eating fruits and vegetables and has gradually become much more adventurous with his diet.

Renee is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. Her ability to communicate with my son in a calm, and respectful manor while encouraging him to venture outside of his comfort zone is a pleasure to watch. My son does not have any physical issues which would make feeding difficult, however, through our conversation, it has become clear to me that Renee is incredibly knowledgeable about the many facets that can effect a child’s diet.

The results I have seen with my son have been outstanding. Renee has been able to make drastic changes in his diet in seven months, one hour per week. It has been a great relief to my husband and me. Renee is effective, reliable and a pleasure to work with. She has my highest recommendation, and I would be happy to supply additional information to anyone considering her.



Fox Chapel

Our family has had the absolute pleasure of working with Renee and the Nurture Support Company for the last 4 years. I have two boys (now ages 6 & 8) who both have an Autism diagnosis. Both boys have also been diagnosed with Apraxia and Sensory Processing Disorder. Prior to finding Renee, we had several unsuccessful experiences with therapy, mainly having difficulty transporting our young children to therapy without having them fall asleep in the car and in finding therapists who were familiar with treating Apraxia.

One of the best and most helpful aspects of Nurture Support is the ability to have your child receive services in the home environment. The Nurture Support staff devotes an entire hour of time to my children for each session, as compared to the half hour sessions we had received elsewhere. Renee personally took the time to understand the needs of my children so that interventions could be designed that were most appropriate for them. She was always willing and available to answer any questions and to adjust services as necessary. Her staff is well-trained and they were able to meet the needs of my children very effectively.

Most recently, we have been working with Traci and Beth for OT and Speech services. I can’t say enough wonderful things about these ladies. Renee truly takes care in finding staff who embody her philosophy of developmentally appropriate services. I am beyond impressed with the quality of interventions provided by Traci and Beth. Both of my children were completely non-verbal when we began therapy and now it is impossible to tell that was ever the case. They were both recently able to be released from services — a feat that I didn’t dream possible until their teenage years. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Traci and Beth, my boys can begin to take more steps toward independence. I must state that Renee and her staff took great care to make sure that my children were fully ready for this step and worked closely with me to make sure that we as a family were ready, too.

We are forever grateful to Nurture Support. If you are looking for therapy for your child, I encourage you to talk to Renee. Working with Nurture Support is one of the best decisions that we have ever made for our children.